Dear All

In the early 2000’s a paediatric cardiac surgical and intensive care team from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) in London initiated a successful study in which they used the analogy of a Formula 1 pit-stop (with McLaren and Ferrari) as a template to improve the safety and efficiency of the handover of critically ill infants and children from the operating theatre to the intensive care team after complex heart surgery. It soon became apparent that there was a huge opportunity to learn from world-class professionals from other safety critical industries and sport and apply this to our every-day practice in medicine.

In order to engage healthcare professionals in this learning, a conference called Everybody’s Business / Risky Business: Learning from other high risk industries was organized between Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal College of Surgeons in England in November 2006. The theme was to learn from defining or sentinel moments in other high-risk industries and discover which of these lessons could be translated to medicine to improve patient safety.

Following on the tremendous success of this first conference, an expanding collaborative venture evolved over the next few years with Risky Business Conferences having been held around the world including London, Boston & Toronto.

We have held 3 very successful Risky Business meetings in South Africa and would now like to welcome you to back to Cape Town hosted at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

We are looking forward to hearing an array of wonderful speakers from a range of industries and environments as we explore the risks and challenges associated with healthcare in South Africa and consider the changes required to make healthcare safer.

Our particular focus on this occasion will be “How to Care Best for Those in Our Care” as increasingly standards of excellence is demanded in what we do often without increased resources.
We hope that this meeting will open new opportunities and be a catalyst for change in the “Risky Business” that is healthcare.

Look forward to you joining us!

Mignon McCulloch
Allan Goldman
Andrew Argent